Choosing an Artificial Turf Supply Company as a Pool Designer

    Pool area turf is a popular material to put around pools. It offers a non-slip surface and an eco-friendly, more durable option over natural grass. When your pool design includes synthetic turf, you’ll enjoy maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal on the entire landscape. Here is what to consider when choosing an artificial turf supply company as a pool designer.

    Artificial Turf Designs That Work

    A pool doesn’t have to be rectangular or of any specific size, and you can think outside the box. Choose a company that sells synthetic grass ideal for free-form shapes that can be cut to fit almost anywhere. An artificial turf supply company should have products with all the qualities you need for maximum functionality.

    Consider your vision and the primary uses of the pool to choose a suitable variety. A reputable company should be able to create a custom design focused on relaxation, kid fun, lap swimming, and recreation. The shape you choose for your pool should serve both style and function. Look for a synthetic turf company to create a design that matches your property’s landscape. They should consider the space in your yard and where you intend to put the pool to supply you with the best products.

    Variety of Selection

    When choosing a synthetic turf supply company, check the variety of grasses they provide. Artificial grass is available for backyard putting greens, landscaping features, playgrounds, sports turf, pet areas, and lawns. Each of those categories comes with varying distinctions in temperature, durability, color, firmness, in-fill, and texture of the synthetic grass material available. Find a company that provides a wide variety of artificial turf that matches the pool you want to design. A reputable company will check out other landscaping features you’d wish to preserve. They will also consider if you want to add features like an outdoor kitchen, eating area, or an outdoor fire.

    Safe Artificial Turf Products

    Safety is a top priority when designing a pool surrounded by artificial turf. A synthetic turf supply company should sell safe products for everyone to enjoy a leisurely swim or have backyard parties. Wet pool decks pose a safety hazard even though they do not look very slick.

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    Falling on healthy artificial grass is safer than on a cement pool deck. Quality artificial grass beside the pool should absorb impact when you fall. The padded soft turfs should be smooth when you walk with wet feet. A synthetic turf supply company should have varieties that can create a stunning contrast with the pool, providing the backyard with a hotel-like feel.

    Artificial Turf With Good Drainage

    A synthetic turf supply company should consider drainage when creating artificial turf. Drainage is a feature they should pay close attention to when selecting an artificial grass product to surround a pool. Synthetic grass drainage is available in two varieties; non-perforated (or permeable) or perforated (or hole-punched). Synthetic grass with permeable backing has pores to allow water to drain much faster. Permeable backing is ideal for poolside applications as it offers the best drainage. Perforated synthetic grass drainage has holes punched every few inches to let water pass through into the soil. It works well for dry climates where the fake grass is not constantly splashed with water from the pool.

    Find a Reliable Artificial Turf Supply Company

    Choose a company that can supply the best artificial turf for your project. An artificial turf supply company that cares about you will discuss possible pool designs with artificial grass and maintenance requirements in detail. They should provide friendly and professional service to help you secure your investment. The right company should offer synthetic turfs of unmatched quality and durability.

    Daniel Stuart
    Daniel Stuart
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