How To Choose the Right Trophy Design for Your Corporate or Business Event

    Receiving a trophy or an award can exemplify status and professional capability. An award recognizes one’s hard work and symbolizes respect and appreciation. A reputable trophy store can help you find the right corporate or business event award. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a trophy design for your event:


    Trophies and awards convey specific messages to the recipient and ceremony attendees. Consider the occasion’s objectives and the message the trophy will convey. Check whether the trophy commemorates a breakthrough, an achievement, or a sign of gratitude. Recognizing the trophy’s function can assist you in picking a design that complements the event’s objectives.

    Trophy Material

    The trophy material may influence its appearance and feel. Decide whether you need a sleek and modern look or a rustic design. Here are some materials you can choose from:

    • Metal and acrylic: From exquisite gold plate to vibrant acrylic, a custom-made metal and acrylic trophy will stand out. A reputable trophy store can customize silver or versatile acrylic to suit your design and event needs. You may be able to pick multiple colors and materials to create a striking blend.
    • Crystal and glass: Glass or crystal is a good choice for a modern, sleek look. Such delicate materials use advanced technology, which may affect durability and budget. Glass is more susceptible to wear and tear than metal, and can be a bit more difficult to customize. This can make it more expensive.
    • Resin or stone: Pick stone or resin for complex shapes or designs, as they are highly customizable. You can cast them into your ideal shape. Depending on your trophy store, stone trophies can be crafted from recycled material, improving sustainability. A trophy made from environmentally friendly material may help boost your brand’s reputation.

    Shape and Size

    Choose your trophy’s size and shape depending on the ceremony’s nature and the room available for the display. Grander events may require bigger trophies, but that may impact the space needed to exhibit them. Find a balance between prestige and space for a practical and convenient size. To boost your brand, factor in your company’s logo and incorporate it into the design. You can also use letters or numbers for a simple, elegant trophy.

    Time Frame

    Trophy customization needs more planning. Visit your local trophy store in advance to avoid errors or delays. The material, shape, and customization needed can impact the design time frame. Confirm whether the store keeps base plaque materials in stock for quick turnaround time.


    Material quality, finish, and personalization can affect the trophy’s cost. A large, intricate trophy will cost more than a traditional award. Establish your budget and then pick the features that you want that fit within your budget. A good trophy should complement your brand but be affordable.

    Professional Assistance

    You can consult experts if you don’t have a design in mind. Evaluate a manufacturer’s craftsmanship before hiring their services. Even with the most precious materials, a trophy designer’s expertise may influence its longevity and look. Find a trophy business that collaborates with clients to craft designs.

    Visit a Trophy Store Today

    Your chosen trophy design should complement the event’s function, mirror your brand, and be precious to the recipients. Before picking a design, consider the main features your organization wants the trophy to showcase. With these tips, you can streamline the design process and enjoy the best results for your business or corporate event. Take into account the purpose, materials, size, and your company’s budget before selecting a vendor. Contact your local trophy store today and get started designing a personalized trophy.

    Kevin Powell
    Kevin Powell
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