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Will a Fencing Company Give Me an Estimate Before I Hire Them?

Will a Fencing Company Give Me an Estimate Before I Hire Them?

A fencing company can give you an estimate before you hire them so that you can evaluate the total cost of the project. Get estimates from many fencing companies to compare prices, services, and the value they offer. Here’s a breakdown of the potential cost items you can find in a fencing estimate:


The estimate may include a pricing breakdown for the items needed for your fencing project. Costs may vary depending on the type of fencing you select, such as metal, wood, aluminum, vinyl, or composite. The costs for gates, hinges, locks, posts, and panels can also be included in the materials section by fencing companies. Other materials, such as wire for reinforcement or gravel for drainage, might also be factored into the calculation.


A fencing company can also outline the labor cost for putting up your fence. The installation’s complexity, the project’s scope, the topography, and the specialized knowledge or tools required can all affect the labor costs. The estimate can include the price of renting or hiring post-hole diggers and concrete mixers if your fencing project calls for them. A fencing company can determine the approximate number of labor hours needed to install your fence. The estimate can state the number of workers or crew members assigned to your fencing project.

Customizations and Features

If you have customizations or features to be added to your fence, a fencing company can offer an estimate. Such features include privacy slats, windscreens, driven posts, electronic gates, and enclosures. If you need a temporary fence for security during construction, a fencing company can give you an estimate for this project. The estimate can include the price of decorative elements, such as ornamental post caps and latticework. Barbed wires can be additional features that enhance security in your fence. You can also get an estimate for customized patio fences and railings that boost safety on your property.

Permits and Regulations

Permits may be required to install a fence on your property, depending on local laws. The fencing business may add the anticipated permit fees for inspections and overhead costs. Reputable fence installers can coordinate inspections during or after construction to make sure building codes and permit requirements are met.

Additional Services

If your property requires land clearing or preparation before the fence installation, the fencing company can provide this service and include it in the estimate. Other services in your estimate include hauling, disposal, and removing the existing fence. It can also offer staining or painting services if you prefer a specific color or finish for your fence. These experts can apply a protective coating or add color to the fence based on your preferences. Fencing materials that need to be transported to the installation site can attract fuel costs or truck rental expenses.

Payment Terms

The estimate can outline the payment terms, such as the amount and timing of any deposits or progress payments required. Many fencing companies request a percentage of the total project cost as a deposit before commencing work. The contract can also stipulate accepted payment methods, such as bank transfer, check, cash, or credit card. The fencing company can include payment deadlines for each installment.

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Choose Reliable Fencing Companies for Your Project

Trusted fencing companies can offer an estimate including payment terms, labor costs, material expenses, and permit fees. The estimate can also include customizations or features and additional services for your fencing project. You can get an estimate by contacting the company and providing information such as the type and length of fence you need. Work with reliable experts to get a fence that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

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