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Yale Keyexpress: Fraud or Legit? Let’s Do a Quick Analysis

Yale Key Express

When we find ourselves stuck in a situation where we need to find a locksmith, some people’s attention may get diverted to yale keyexpress, which just magically came out of the blue.

For those who wonder what yale keypress is, it is an online platform that was believed to provide locksmith services all across the USA.

Unfortunately, they turned out to be a fraud and at the same time, they were not. In fact, they just tried to build a network to grow their business from other people’s businesses.

Therefore, just keep reading if you think that the modern way of enjoying services can prove to be a gimmick rather than being a legitimate service provider.It leads us to strongly evaluate a service and its reviews before we get to any conclusion of utilizing a service.

After considerable research, we will try to simplify to you everything there is to know about Yale keyexpress. Let’s dive in.

What is Yale Keyexpress?

Due to the technology and hefty lifestyle, people tend to cut down their precious energy usage as much as possible. In addition to only allowing our loved ones in the house, cars, or other amenities, modern locks provide security in multiple ways to our current situation of always being prone to dangers.

So, yale keyexpress came out as an easy option for people to reach out for locksmith services for various purposes. After a while, people began questioning their services as there were conflicts among people saying that they were a fraud.

Hence, we will evaluate some of the most burning arguments regarding the services of yale keyexpress. It will also make you aware of how things can be not what they seem like and how can you make sure to not fall prey to scams like this.

Reddit Reviews

You will see a lot of websites promoting their services through selling their locksmith services in the name of yale keyexpress. Some online tricksters even fool people with their skills of being able to show a business online that isn’t even legit or working at the time.

However, on Reddit people participated in online debates and warned people about the fraud and deception that people are facing due to yale keyexpress. People are calling them fake as they want to trim profits by being middlemen, which is certainly not a potential service as people don’t need a middleman.

They just provided their contact info to the customers and connected them with the potential locksmith service providers in exchange for unnecessary costs.

Yale Key Express Services

Yale KeyExpress claims to provide excellence in every emergency for your locksmith needs due to their advanced innovations and handy experts. Let’s quickly summarize some of their services;

  • Duplicating domestic, car, and auto keys
  • Lock change
  • Home lockouts and other emergencies
  • Repair locks and re-key
  • Latest technological key-making

Service Locations

Although yale keyexpress provides services throughout the United States, we shortlisted some of the potential websites below;

Name Address Phone Email
Yale KeyExpress 6600 Brentwood Blvd Brentwood, CA 94513 (925) 293-8669
YALE KEYEXPRESS 1750 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro TN, 37129 615-205-0281
Yale KeyExpress 9700 Lower Azusa Road, El Monte, CA 91731 (800) 331-9181 support@threebestrated.com
Yale KeyExpress
(Open 24 Hours)
700 N Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge, Illinois  60068, US 224-206-0476


All the above-listed sites just direct you to https://yalelocklocal.com/ claims to be operating 24 hours exclusively for the convenience of customers. The way they are trying to claim a presence for their services seems quite fake but impressive that someone put those efforts into making it legit.

Is it fake or legit?

Eventually, due to fewer legitimacy reasons, we tend to conclude that the services that yale keyexpress claims to provide are fake/scams. We advise you to go for other locksmith competitors’ services like locksmithusa.com or masterlocksmithusa.com if you are seeking legitimate services for your locksmith necessities. Moreover, askfortransparency.com declared their reviews to be fake or done through their own resources.

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If you take our advice, then it probably will be to avoid such scammers through some extensive research or go for the rivals that already have standing in the market. However, there is not much to discuss about yale keyexpress as they are a con. Instead, you can go for an offline approach if you ever need to utilize a locksmith’s services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1) What is the history of yale keyexpress?

Ans) Henry R. Towne and Linus Yale Jr., an inventor famous for designing the pin tumbler lock, established the corporation in Stamford, Connecticut, in 1868. The company was founded as Yale Lock Manufacturing Co. and later changed its name to Yale & Towne.

Ques 2) Can we trust yale keyexpress?

Ans) Owing to less legitimate reasons, they turned out to be a fraud and you can trust the legitimate alternatives as there are many in the market.

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