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MegaPvp: Bursting the Bubble

MegaPvp Bursting the Bubble

If you are a Minecraft lover, you might have heard of the Megapvp, a popular Minecraft Youtuber. He went viral after making a video about how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft.

Recently, a lot of rumors have been going viral about MegaPvp. What are these rumors? Is the information that is getting viral true or not? So, let’s expose MegaPvp and know everything about him and things that got viral about him.

MegaPvp Exposed: All You Need To Know

MegaPvP has come under fire for allegedly lying about his age, cheating, and manipulating previous relationships he had online. In April 2023, one more YouTube user namely iTMG published a video with some solid claims against him. He claimed that MegaPvP cheated on a Minecraft server by lying about his age. In the video, iTMG said that he did so in order to get access to adult-only content.

MegaPvP has refuted each and every charge brought against him. He refused to accept all the claims and said that he did not cheat on the Minecraft server. Additionally, he has stated that he is thinking about taking legal action against iTMG for telling such shit about him.

Allegations Against MegaPvp

Which allegations are imposed on MegaPvp?

Let’s check each claim one by one.

  • Cheating: iTMG claimed that MegaPvp cheated on the Minecraft server. Being a MegaPvp’s fan, it might be hard for you to believe it. But, iTMG provides proper proofs to prove his point. He has evidence that MegaPvp illegal mods and commands in order to relish great benefits in the game. MegaPvp denied all the claims by saying that the proofs are fake.
  • Lying about his age: In the Youtube Video, iTMG accused MegaPvp of lying about his age in Minecraft so that he can gain access to adult-only content. He said that he used a fake birth date and created an account using wrong information. He also added on that he made an account on the website where he can access adult content. Well, MegaPvp refused to accept these claims as well.
  • Manipulation of Past Online Relationships: iTMG claimed that MegaPvp manipulated his past relationships by using emotional tricks to control his partners. These accusations have been refuted by MegaPvP, who claims that he never misled anyone.

Lesser Known Facts About MegaPvp

Here are some facts you must know about MegaPvp and the claims about him: 

  • The claims have caused a connotation in the Minecraft community: Where some people believe that the allegations on MegaPvp are true while others believe that these are false. So, these claims have totally created a disturbance in the Minecraft community.
  • Truth is still Unknown: There are a number of questions in everybody’s mind regarding MegaPvp exposed but the truth is still unknown. Nobody knows whether they should believe iTMG or MegaPvp because both have kept their points perfectly.
  • Social media shared the information: The allegations and evidence about MegPvp were shared through social media platforms such as Youtube and Twitter. Some people tried to share misinformation about him which spreaded like a wide fire. The proofs shared by some people were edited so professionally that many people believed that the allegations were true.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, nothing has been proved yet but the thing is that MegaPvp is strongly refuting every claim imposed on it. Don’t worry! The truth will surely come out and we will keep you informed about it once we get some valid information. So, stay tuned to know the truth.


Ques 1) Who is MegaPvp? 

Ans) MegaPvp is a popular Minecraft Youtuber.

Ques 2) Who exposed MegaPvp? 

Ans) iTMG, another Youtuber, exposed MegaPvp by imposing many claims on him.

Ques 3) Does iTMG have evidence to prove his claims on MegaPvp? 

Ans) Yes, iTMG has proper evidence to prove his claims on MegaPvp.

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